Eileen Moynihan reads for Skibbereen Speakeasy

Eileen Moynihan was born in Essex England, and grew up on the Isle of Wight from the age of three. At the age of 22 she moved permanently to Ireland, where she lived in West Cork, and more recently on the border of Co. Roscommon and Longford. For most of that time she was teaching children with Special Needs and raising her three children with her husband. After taking early retirement, Eileen loves to write books for children.

I am pleased to announce the birth of Childhood Books, and like any new parent I’m proud and happy to share my joy with the world. My hedgehog logo was inspired by my hedgehog hero Rory Gumboots. The name Childhood books came from the idea that childhood is a wonderful time where we often meet childhood books that become best friends, and will always be recalled fondly in later life. Childhood should be a magical imaginative time, and I hope my books help bring that to readers or listeners of my stories.

Her book ‘The Reckolahesperus’ is now in print and can also be got as an ebook on Amazon, and ‘Hattie and Jacques Love London’ can be got as a printed book or as an ebook on Amazon now. The Dreamsmith is now available as a printed book or as an ebook on Amazon.

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