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Relevant Creative Work

Two plays of mine, Silk Kimonos and The Adventures of Aurora, have had professional productions in Sligo, ,London at various arts centre, Tricycle Theatre Upstairs and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I have devised and written plays for many different groups  as my way of  teaching  theatre skills to them. Doing and being are where we start usually and then find what needs to be learned to develop a project as the need arises.

I was Theatre Tutor  in Yeats International Summer School in I994 and 1995, directing two play, The Land Of Heart’s Desire and The Only Jealousy of Emer by Yeats.

I have taught Dramatherapy Skills  as part of the Maynooth University  Outreach Counselling Course.

I have been an examination observer and assessor on two of the MA Dramatherapy course final exams,specifically, the performance modules

I have given workshops on the Dramatherapy M.A course.

I have given workshops at  Youthreach Education  Sligo over several years.

I have worked creatively with  a  variety of different groups such as Rehab Care, for people with brain injury,  Active Retirement Groups and at the above mentioned Youthreach programmes.



THE ADVENTURES OF AURORA            lead                                           Tricycle theatre, Brixton. Edinburgh  Festival.

Aurora                                                                                                          Hawks well theatre, Sligo.

Dir: Kate Duchene


SILK KIMONOS                                        lead                                             The Factory Theatre, Sligo

Con  Markievicz                                                                                           Dir: Maggie Kelleher


THREE SISTERS                                        lead                                              Gate Theatre, Dublin

Irina                                                                                                                Dir: Pat Laffan



TWELFTH NIGHT                                     lead                                               Manchester Contact Theatre

Viola                                                                                                                 Dir: Bob Eaton


KILLED                                                       lead                                               Manchester Contact Theatre

May                                                                                                                  Dir: Andy Rashley


LULU (musical)                                   various                                               Manchester Contact Theatre

various                                                                                                             Dir: Richard Williams


A TALE OF TWO CITIES                      feature                                               Liverpool Playhouse

Lucy Manette                                                                                                  Dir: Chris Bond


APRIL THE FIRST SHOW                   comedy revue                                     Liverpool Playhouse

Various (comedy revue)                                                                               Dir:    George Costigan



SCRAP                                                   lead                                                    Liverpool Playhouse

Kate                                                                                                                   Dir: Chris Bond


JOKE COLLECTOR                                                                                            Liverpool Playhouse

The Actress                                         feature                                                Dir: Voytek


PEER GYNT                                          feature                                                Nottingham Playhouse

Solveig                                                                                                               Dir: Peter Watson


THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND          feature                                                 Bolton Octagon Theatre

Mrs Drudge (comedy)                                                                                     Dir: John Adams

CIDER WITH ROSIE                               feature                                               Bolton Octagon Theatre

Rosie                                                                                                                  Dir: John Adams

TONGE MOOR TANZI                           feature                                               Bolton Octagon

Platinum Sue(  female wrestling)                                                                   Dir: John Adams


MERCHANT OF VENICE                            lead                                                School Tour

Portia                                                                                                                   Dir: Eve Shapiro







FAIR  CITY                               regular character 1year                                  RTE

Grainne Dempsey (community guard)                                                         Dir: Paul Cusack


SEAN                                                                                                                   R.T.E

Mild Millie                                                       feature                                     Dir: Voytek


NO TEARS                                                        feature                                     R.T.E

Judge                                                                                                                  Dir: Stephen Burke


SHOWBANDS 1 AND 2                                   small                                        R.T.E

Betty the waitress                                                                                            Dir: Ian Fitzgibbon



BLUE MONEY                                                   small                                         L W T

Mary                                                                                                                    Dir: Colin Bucksey

BY THE SWORD DIVIDED                                                                                  B.B.C

Molly Flanagan                                               feature                                       Dir: Various



THE LIVES AND LOVES OF A SHE DEVIL      small                                            B.B.C

Olga                                                                                                                       Dir: Phillip Saville


CASUALTY                                                        small                                            B.B.C

Ambulance Paramedic                                                                                      Dir: Various

ACTING TAPES (Eleventh Hour)                   feature                                       Channel  4

Myself                                                                                                                  Dir James Nesbitt

and   Mark Nash


UNCLE BOB                             feature                                                     Channel 4

Farmer’s wife                                                                                 Dir: Shaun Barton




VERONICA  GUERIN                                                                         Dir: Jerry Bruckheimer                                                                                                                                        Garda Murphy


AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN                                                       Gold Crest Films

The Secretary                                  small                                                        Dir: Chris Petit


REFLECTIONS                                                                                                 Channel Four Films

Bunny Mittler                                feature                                                    Dir: Kevin Billington



A PRAYER FOR THE DYING            small                                                   Samuel Goldwyn

The widow                                                                                                   Dir: Mike Hodges


HERE HE COMES                                                                                         N.F.S

Marie                                            main                                                        Dir: Gillies Mc Kinnon

CARELESS TALK                                                                                             N.F.S

Trudy Spier                                 feature                                                      Dir: Nell Smith













M.A.Hons. 2.1.  Drama/Arts therapy  Maynooth University      2010

B.A  Hons. 2.1.   Hons Arts    Liverpool University                        1994

Dip. Hons            Performance Arts. R.A.D.A.                                 1979

Distinction          Fetac Art and Design in Design                           2006

Distinction           Fetac Art and Design in Communications        2007

Honours               Fetac Art and Design in Printmaking                 2007

Honours              Fetac Art  and Design in Illustration                    2007


M.A.                     Film and Theatre Studie.s  Diplomas below completed


Dip                       Analysing Performances                                                       1995

Dip                       Cinema and Politics in Contemporary Europe                  1995

Dip                       Alternative Theatre Practice                                                1995

Dip                       Theoretical Perspectives in Modern theatre  Practice     1995













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