April 28th 2020

Our first session of 2020 features Attracta Fahy poet –Nicola Kearns Author—Angela G. Byrne plus the amazing Paddy Cullivan  

Jim by Philomena Barry

Jim- a poem by Philomena Barry

I am the grains of sand You carry home from the beach, I am the spider’s web That you can’t quite reach, I am the fragment of dream That you almost remember, I am the light from the fire And the crackling embers, I am the rain on your face And the wind in your […]

Jaki Mc Carrick

An excerpt from The Jailbird by Jaki McCarrick

An excerpt from my short story “The Jailbird”, from my debut short story collection The Scattering. That night I arrived home to find Ma had bolted the door. I’d had a few jars with Martha in town and had walked her back on the balmy night to Josie’s, her aunt’s place. (In the pub, we’d […]


A story by Nick Smith: My Father.

My Father was a big man. He measured over six-foot-three and weighed as much, but his hero’s stature was stunted, his shoulders rounded by the burdens of several life-times. Now he lay, almost un-burdened. My Father smiled at the two visitors who rested their hands on the foot-board of his bed, one short, the other […]

Caroline Farrell author

Grey Deafening by Caroline Farrell

Memory wandering Twice a year, in summer and at Christmas, I replenish my elderly father’s wardrobe with the essentials. Vests. Pyjamas. Jumpers. Shirts. Trousers. Socks. I don’t expect to get any thanks for it. He doesn’t know me anymore. His personal awareness diminished, the man I grew up fearing has shut down, cocooned in mysterious […]

The Days of Jael by Paul Kestell

The Days of Jael by Paul Kestell

I wanted to leave home loads of times. I think the first time I was about seven years old; we were living with grandad then and I woke to hear his soft music fill the house. I slide down the stairs and pushed the door of the sitting room open using my shoulder. He was […]

The Desecration By Trudy Hayes

The Desecration By Trudy Hayes

Elsie is sitting on a bench. She does not look up as a man approaches. He skirts around her playfully, watching her, smiling.     Paddy whistling breaks into song        ‘When I fall in love, it will be forever’ He takes Elsie into his arms and waltzes her, owning her in the dance, his hands on her body. […]


Excerpt from Darkling by Fiona Cooke Hogan

Excerpt from Darkling, a dark faerie tale taken from The Lights Went Out and Other Stories by Fiona Cooke Hogan She slipped through the woods with the agility of one well used to nocturnal ramblings, knowing how to pick her way along the meandering path regardless of the moon’s milky glow that shone through the […]

Daniel Wade

Three Extracts from Daniel Wade

Extract 1: Port of Kinsale Sonata A harbour chain once hovered heavily underwater where yachts now lie in watch, like jangling centurions. Past shorefront restaurants, sun-seeking day trippers hoist their selfie sticks like battle ensigns over a pier that time and tide sponge down together, identikit ‘keep-out’ signs blocking each gangway. But you’ll find me […]